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Where to find cheap accommodation in Blenheim.

Scattered with beautiful gardens and surrounded by vineyards, there’s a lot to draw people into Blenheim. Whether you’re here to get your wine on for a couple of days or staying awhile with all the seasonal job opportunities on offer, you’re going to need to find cheap accommodation in Blenheim.Blenheimmight be a small city, but it is split into different suburbs. Weve put togethera quick list of the suburbs where you are likely to find some cheap accommodation, as well as outlining how far away they are from Blenheim’scity centre.This accommodation guide to Blenheim is also split into accommodation types, so you can just skip straight to your preferred accommodation style!So find a place to stay in Hastings using our nifty accommodation guide to Blenheim!


Which Blenheim Suburb To Find Accommodation?

There is accommodation found all over Blenheim. Heres a quick rundown on what to expect in each Blenheim suburb in relation to Blenheim city centre.For more about Blenheim, check outMarlborough Guide for Backpackers.Note: CBD refers to Central Business District i.e. Blenheim city centre.

  • Blenheim Central Location: city centre,Distance from CBD: youre in it, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$120, Average hostel night: NZ$26-27.
  • Mayfield Location: north of the city centre,Distance from CBD: 2min drive/12min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$120, Average hostel night: NZ$24-25.
  • Redwoodtown Location: southof the city centre,Distance from CBD: 6min drive/30min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$150.
  • Riverlands Location: eastof the city centre,Distance from CBD: 3min drive/30min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$110, Average hostel night: NZ$30.
  • Riversdale Location: north of the city centre,Distance from CBD: 3min drive/23min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$120.
  • Springlands Location: west of the city centre,Distance from CBD: 5min drive/30min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$160.
  • Witherlea Location: south of the city centre,Distance from CBD: 6min drive/45min walk, Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$155.
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Hostels in Blenheim

There are 12+ hostels in the city of Blenheim, mostof which are either within the city centre or in very close walking distance.During the peak season (summer) and the picking season inMarlborough, we recommend booking a room as far in advance as possible in Blenheim. Keep that in mind especially for our favourite hostels.Expect a night in a Blenheim hostel to be NZ$24-$30per dorm-room bed. Most hostels in this city offer weekly rates for seasonal workers. Some even exclusively offer their rooms to seasonal workers who will pay rent weekly.You can always keep the cost of living down along with an extended stay by working for accommodation in a Hastings hostel. For tips, have a look atHow to Find Work for Accommodation in New Zealand.

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Renting a room in Blenheim

Renting a room is common practice in Blenheim to keep the price to minimum when staying in Blenheim long-term, usually done if you have landed a job in Blenheim as part of a working holiday.Rent prices in Blenheim are pretty reasonable. Expect a room to rent in Blenheim to be between NZ$110 and NZ$160 per week. Thats a room to yourself in a flatshare or houseshare. Be aware that most of the Blenheim hostels offer weekly rates on dorm beds for around NZ$100-$130 per week, which could be an alternative option for a long-term stay.For advice on how to find a room to rent in Blenheim, have a look at our6 Resources to Find a Room to Rent in New Zealand. Renting a room involves a more complicated process than staying in short-term accommodation, so get clued up by readingThe Paperwork Process of Renting or Flatting in New Zealand.

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Airbnb in Blenheim

Stay with a local Blenheim-dweller! Airbnb, the online network of peoples spare rooms available for accommodation, is relatively popular in Blenheim to those seeking a bit of luxury. You can find AirBnB rooms mostly in Blenheim Central, Springlands and Mayfield.However, at an average of NZ$120 per room per night, youll struggle to find an Airbnb room in Blenheim at a backpacker price. At the time of writing, there is only one room below NZ$40 per night. We’ll help you toward your first Airbnb stay with thisFREE NZ$50 credit.When it comes to finding cheap accommodation in Blenheim,consider other accommodation types before choosing Airbnb.For more information on Airbnb, check outEverything You Need to Know About Airbnb in New Zealandand10 Tips to Make the Most of Airbnb in New Zealand.©

Campgrounds and holiday parks in Blenheim

There are a few options for commercial holiday parks and freedom campsites in Blenheim.

  • Blenheim Top 10 Holiday Park in Mayfield offers powered sites and tent sites for NZ$40-45 per night per two people.
  • Riverlands Roadhouse in Riverlands offers powered sites for NZ$25 and non-powered sites for NZ$15 per night.
  • Blenheim Backpackers and Motor Camp in Blenheim Central offers powered sites and tent sites for NZ$20 per night, along with weekly prices.

Those with a certified self-contained vehicle can freedom camp at Wynen Street car park in Blenheim Central between 6pm and 9am. Check the council website listed on Freedom Camping Rules in New Zealand: Region by Region for up-to-date information.There are plenty of more holiday parks, freedom camping sites and Department of Conservation campgrounds outside of Blenheim city.For information about camping, check outCamping in New ZealandandAccommodation Guide to Holiday Parks in New Zealand.

Useful Information About Blenheim

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