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Where To Find Cheap Accommodation InQueenstown.

The adventure capital, the ski season hub of New Zealand, mountains, a lake and endless activities… No wonder Queenstown is a tourist hot spot and a backpacker’s dream home. Whether you’re here for a week of play or as part of your working holiday, you’re going to need to find some cheap accommodation in Queenstown.Queenstown is a fairly small city (if you have a car) made up of various housing areas, so we have put together a quick list of the suburbs where you are likely to find some cheap accommodation, as well as outlining how far away they are to Queenstown’s city centre. This accommodation guide to Queenstown is also split into accommodation types, so you can just skip straight to your preferred accommodation style!So find a place to stay in Queenstown using our nifty accommodation guide to Queenstown!

Which Queenstown Suburb To Find Accommodation in?

There is accommodation found all over Queenstown. Heres a quick rundown on what to expect in each Queenstownsuburb in relation to Queenstown’s centre.For more aboutQueenstown, check outQueenstown Guide for Backpackers.

  • Queenstown Central Location: city centre,Distance from centre: you’re in it. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$300, Average hostel night: NZ$26-35.
  • Fernhill Location: west of citycentre,Distance from centre: 6min drive/19min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$250.
  • Sunshine Bay Location: west of city centre,Distance from centre: 6min drive/26min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$210.
  • Queenstown Hill Location: north of city centre,Distance from centre: 6min drive/16min walk. Average hostel night: NZ$28-33.
  • Goldfield Heights Location: east of the city centre along Frankton Road, Distance from centre: 7min drive/45min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$290.
  • Marina Heights Location: east of the city centre along Frankton Road, Distance from centre: 10min drive/1h5min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$190.
  • Kelvin Heights Location: south of city centre,Distance from centre:22min drive. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$180.
  • Arthurs Point Location: north of city centre,Distance from centre: 7min drive/1h8min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$190.
  • Frankton Location: east of the city centre, Distance from centre: 16min drive/1h30min walk. Average weekly rent for a room: NZ$170.©

Hostels in Queenstown

Queenstown has 20+ hostels all within walking distance of the city centre, from Queenstown Hill to the lakeside leading to Fernhill. A range of hostels can be found across Queenstown, from purpose-built multi-storey backpackers to popular and charming hostels. A couple of “pod hostels” can be found in town too.Because Queenstown is a tourist hotspot in New Zealand, expect prices to be at the higher scale of the backpacker price-range, usually starting from around NZ$30 even for an 8-bed dorm. Throughout the year, we recommend booking your hostel a couple of weeks in advance, especially for the popular ones we have listed in 10 Best Hostels in Queenstown. Queenstown is busy all year long thanks to its winter season and summer holiday season.You can always keep the cost of living down along with an extended stay by working for accommodation in a Queenstown hostel. For tips, have a look atHow to Find Work for Accommodation in New Zealand.For a complete list ofhostels in Queenstown, have a look atQueenstown Guide for Backpackers.©
Renting a room in Queenstown

Renting a room is common practice in Queenstown to keep the price to minimum when staying in Queenstown long-term, usually done if you have landed a job in Queenstown as part of a working holiday. Saying that, it is no secret that Queenstown has some of the highest rent prices in the country and is the most competitive. Expect a room to rent in Queenstownbe around NZ$190 per week. Thats a room to yourself in a flatshare or houseshare. You may find cheaper, around the NZ$125-160 per week mark, for a shared room.For advice on how to find a room to rent in Queenstown, have a look at our6 Resources to Find a Room to Rent in New Zealand. Renting a room involves a more complicated process than staying in short-term accommodation, so get clued up by readingThe Paperwork Process of Renting or Flatting in New Zealand.

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Airbnb in Queenstown

Stay with a local Queenstowner (oh wait, there’s no such thing!). Airbnb, the online network of peoples spare rooms available for accommodation, is pretty popular in Queenstown, but more for the luxurious traveller…Although the average price for a room in Queenstownis NZ$324 per night, it is possible to find accommodation around the NZ$35-70 price range across the Queenstown suburbs, such as Frankton, Fernhill, Queenstown Hill, Marina Heights and Goldfield Heights. Consider an AirBnB room for more convenient suburban location and something different from the hostel experience.Your first night with Airbnb is on us with this FREE NZ$50 Airbnb credit!For more information on Airbnb, check outEverything You Need to Know About Airbnb in New Zealandand10 Tips to Make the Most of Airbnb in New Zealand.

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Campgrounds And Holiday Parks In Queenstown

There are a number of holiday parks to plug in your campervan or pitch a tent within Queenstown city centre and its suburbs. There are three holiday parks with power sites and tent sites in the city centre with prices starting from NZ$22 per night. (Make sure you book as far in advance as possible!)Suburban holiday parks can be found in Frankton, starting at NZ$21 per night and Arthurs Point starting at NZ$40 per night.You can also pitch a tent at the Hippo Lodge on Queenstown Hill for NZ$21 per night.Freedom camping is not allowed anywhere inQueenstown. Be warned, even if you park a self-contained campervan in a car parking area overnight without staying in it, it is likely that you will still get fined! For your freedom camping options in Queenstown, take a look at 6 Free Camping Spots in Queenstown.Cheaper power sites and camping options do exist just outside Queenstown, which you can read more about in Where toCamp in Queenstown.For information about camping, check outCamping in New ZealandandAccommodation Guide to Holiday Parks in New Zealand.

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