9 Newest & Weirdest Extreme Activities in New Zealand

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Unique Adrenaline Activities Down Under

It’s no secret that New Zealand is the country pumped with adrenaline. But some activities are a bit weirder than others. Of course, throwing yourself from a bridge makes perfect sense in bungy jumping, but rolling down a hill in a hamster ball is just plain insane. Here are the weird and unique extreme activities in New Zealand that you won’t find in many other places in the world.

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1. Zorb

Roll downhill inside a giant inflatable ball. Some companies even let you get on a surfboard so you can essentially surf on land… How crazy!? Experience this wild hamster ball action with Zorb in Rotorua.

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2. Hydro Attack

This Seabreacher X watercraft painted as a shark is ready to take adrenaline-junkies out on Lake Wakatipu. This unique boat goes under and over the water, achieving all sorts of moves to make you sick. Check this one out in Queenstown and book your ride here.

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3. Water Sledging

Also known as Hydrospeed, this sport will get your nose right in the waterfall. You control your sledge by paddling with your feet equipped with small flippers. Try this out in Queenstown by booking your trip here.

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4. Luge

Rotorua offers the biggest luge ride in the country, while Queenstown offers the steepest one. This half go-cart half slide is a lot of fun done with 2-3 competitive mates. Book your Luge ride in Rotorua here and your Queenstown Luge ride here.

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5. Kite Surfing / Kite Landboarding

Although New Zealand is not a top destination for kite-surfing, some surf schools offer this option to take on the waves or land on an epic landboard. Try this out in Foxton Beach on the North Island.

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6. Shweeb

Branded as the “worlds most efficient man-powered machine,” this upside-down monorail bicycle is only available in New Zealand. Check it out in Rotorua at Velocity Valley Adventure Park!

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7. Sandboarding

Slide down the huge sand dunes along Ninety Mile Beach on a simple bodyboard. The speeds reached are surprisingly high and sand gets everywhere! Sandboarding is available on trips to Cape Reinga with Fullers GreatSights and Dune Rider.

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8. Rere Rock Slide

Morebodyboard action! Grab onto your board or a sturdy inflatable and slide down the slippery Rere Rockslide. Once you start, you could spend the whole day playing! Find this awesome spot in Rere near Gisborne.

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9. Flyboard

Everyone dreams of flying, right? Well, you can with the power of a water jet! You can take flight in Queenstown during the summer months. Book your flyboarding lesson in Queenstown here.

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