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6 Best Things to Do in Wellsford

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Wellsford Activities and Attractions You Can’t Miss!

Situated on State Highway 1 between Auckland and Whangarei, Wellsford is a town that many pass through without realising the awesome things to do around the area! Enchanting kauri walks, Maori cultural experience, history, a stunning harbour and lots of outdoors activities, Wellsford has something for everyone! So check out the things to do in Wellsford in the list below!

While you’re in the northern Auckland region, be sure to check out the surrounding towns and their attractions! See 10 Amazing Things to Do in Leigh and 10 Wonderful Things to Do in Warkworth for inspiration.

1. Visit the Kaipara Harbour

Steeped in history, the Kaipara Harbour was once one of the most heavily populated Maori settlements. The harbour is one of the largest harbours in the world and has many scenic points and historical locations. Check out the Port Albert wharf, the Atio Creek Regional Park and the harbour is excellent for water activities.

Location: 10 minutes drive from Wellsford via Port Albert Road.

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2. Check Out the Salesyard

This might not be your typical touristy thing to do, but if you have any interest in farm animals then visiting the Wellsford Salesyard is a must! A salesyard is a livestock auction complex. There’s also an onsite cafe too, so check it out on Mondays and Tuesdays when the action takes place.

Location: 41 Centennial Park Road

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3. Go Hiking in the Dome Valley

There’s a great selection of walking trails in the Dome Valley just south of Wellsford. Choose from the 40-minute Lookout Track, the 1h30min Waiwhio Grove Track or the 7 hours walk from the Dome Forest car park to Govan Wilson Road (all times are one-way). The walks take you through some beautiful native forest to various lookouts.

Location: 11 minutes drive south of Wellsford. The walks stars beside the Dome tearooms on State Highway 1.©

4. Enjoy a Maori Cultural Experience at Te Hana

Just a short drive from Wellford in the settlement of Te Hana where you’ll find Te Hana Te Ao Marama – a Maori cultural experience. There are tours of a replica Maori village, hangi and cultural performances, art galleries, cafe and even the opportunity to stay overnight in a marae (a carved meeting house). Find out more about Maori experiences in New Zealand in our 10 Best Maori Tours in New Zealand.

Location: 4 minutes drive from Wellsford – 317 State Highway 1, Te Hana.

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5. Visit the Arts Factory

Another amazing attraction in Te Hana is The Arts Factory. See a mighty collection of swamp kauri carved into giant Maori jewellery pieces created for the All Blacks rugby team. The carvings have been carved from kauri that has been buried underground, ranging from 25-45,000 years old!

Location: 4 minutes drive from Wellsford – State Highway 1, Te Hana.

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6. Play a Round of Golf

New Zealand certainly has no lack of golf courses! Enjoy 36 hectares of well-groomed and interesting course that the Wellsford Golf Club. With 18 and 9 hole options, the green fees are extremely reasonable for visitors, so give it a go! See 21 Best Golf Courses in New Zealand for more golfing inspiration.

Location: 1536 State Highway 1 North.


[CLOSED] Walk the Logues Bush Walk

[Update: Logues Bush Reserve is closed to prevent the spread of kauri dieback.]

There are two loop walks to enjoy in the Logues Bush Reserve just a short drive out of Wellsford. The 1h30min and 30-minutes loop walks take you through stunning regenerating kauri forest. It’s easier to walk in a clockwise direction.

Location: Signposted off Day Road, about 11km (7 miles) from State Highway 1 junction from Wayby Tomarata Road.©


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