7 Things to Do in New Plymouth for Foodies© Unsplash
7 Things to Do in New Plymouth for Foodies

7 Things to Do in New Plymouth for Foodies

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Article Single Pages© NZPocketGuide.com
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Food Tours and Activities in New Plymouth

The tastes of a town can tell you a lot about the local culture and it’s no different in New Plymouth. An art hub of the North Island, New Plymouth is home to talented artisans, brewers and winemakers eager to share their creations with visitors. Try wine from grapes grown under the extreme conditions of the wild west coast, taste the hoppy goodness from one of the pioneers of craft beer in New Zealand, and try more than your stomach can handle at the local farmers’ market. We go through some of the top food tours and food activities in this list of things to do in New Plymouth for foodies.

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1. Taste the Fudge in Pukekura Park

Amidst one of New Plymouth’s most popular parks, there’s a sweet foodie experience waiting to be discovered. Head to the Tea House on the Lake in Pukekura Park for their gourmet fudge tastings and purchases. The Tea House on the Lake is the home of Wisteria Gourmet Fudge, who make fresh fudge on-site. They offer free tastings of up to 15 varieties! See more activities like Pukekura Park in the 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in New Plymouth.

Location: Pukekura Park, access from Liardet Street, Fillis Street, Rogan Street and Victoria Road.

7 Things to Do in New Plymouth for Foodies© NZPocketGuide.com

2. Do a Brewery Tour

New Plymouth is home to a couple of fantastic craft breweries, starting with the Shining Peak Brewery who offer brewery tours. The team will take you behind the scenes of their state-of-the-art brewing facility to learn about the brewing process. The tour also includes a pint of beer on arrival, a tasting paddle, a can of beer to take home and a souvenir hat! See how it compares in the 5 Damn Good Brewery Tours in New Zealand.

Location: 59 Gill Street, New Plymouth city centre.

7 Things to Do in New Plymouth for Foodies© NZPocketGuide.com

3. Have an Artisanry Experience at Farmers Market Taranaki

Try an array of fresh produce and artisan products at the Sunday morning farmers’ market! Farmers Market Taranaki is a community event taking place every Sunday between 9am and 12pm. Fill up your basket with fresh fish, seasonal produce, microgreens, baked goods, fresh dips, spreads and much more!

Location: Huatoki Plaza, Devon Street West, New Plymouth city centre.

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4. Taste the Craft Beers at Mike’s Brewery & Bistro

Can’t get enough of that famous New Zealand craft beer? You can also check out Mike’s Brewery & Bistro, offering a casual ambience in its cool industrial-style bar and restaurant. One of the earliest craft breweries established in New Zealand, Mike’s Brewery serves pub-style meals along with its award-winning craft beers. Ask if Mike himself is around, as he is known to offer casual brewery tours for those who show interest.

Location: 186 Devon Street East, New Plymouth city centre.

7 Things to Do in New Plymouth for Foodies© NZPocketGuide.com

5. Do a Wine Tasting at the Okurukuru Winery

For tastings, dining and even luxury accommodation in one of the most off-the-beaten-track New Zealand wineries, head to Okurukuru Winery. Despite all the odds, the team of Okurukuru grow wine grapes on the harsh coastal environment of Taranaki but this also means that the winery has some of the most spectacular sea views. Get a taste of Taranaki by visiting the winery’s cellar door for wine tastings, while their on-site restaurant offers bistro-style dining with everything made in-house.

Location: 738 State Highway 45, RD 4, approximately 10km (6 miles) from New Plymouth city centre.

7 Things to Do in New Plymouth for Foodies© NZPocketGuide.com

6. Enjoy High Tea in the Historic Tupera House and Gardens

New Plymouth is well known for its breathtaking public gardens, such as Pukekura Park and Pukeiti. Another one on the list is Tupare, a fabulous public garden with an exclusive foodie experience. Aside from being open to the public daily to roam its landscaped gardens and take tours of the historic homestead from Fridays to Mondays, the house is also open for high tea! On the first Sunday of the month, relive the splendour of yesteryear with a high tea event in the homestead. Book the event at the BlackBird Society, 79 Devon Street East.

Location: 487 Mangorei Road, approximately 7km (4 miles) from New Plymouth city centre.

7 Things to Do in New Plymouth for Foodies© NZPocketGuide.com

7. Indulge in New Plymouth’s Restaurants

You’ll want to stay longer in New Plymouth purely for the eateries. From contemporary New Zealand cuisine to the street food favourites inspired by Vietnam, your tastebuds will take a gastronomical trip around the world. While we list favourites in the fine dining department, like Table and Salt Restaurant in The Luxury Guide to New Plymouth, the best of the rest include the contemporary vibe and Indian-Malaysian cuisine of Koi Lounge. For a night out with friends, head to Social Kitchen which uses a Mibrasa charcoal oven to create irresistible smokey meat dishes. For something just plain fun, check out the American-style Deluxe Diner. Finally, get stuck into the cafe culture of New Plymouth at cosy cafes like the quirky Elixir Cafe and Little Fed.

Location: Koi Lounge – 85 Devon St West Central. Social Kitchen – 40 Powderham Street. Deluxe Diner – 36 Leach Street. Elixir Cafe – 117 Devon Street East. Little Fed – 53 Tukapa Street.

7 Things to Do in New Plymouth for Foodies© Unsplash


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