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7 Best Things to Do in Feilding

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Feilding Activities You Can’t Miss

Feilding couldn’t be more of a farm town if it tried! This large town in the Whanganui-Manawatu region boasts its main highlights as being the Farmers’ Market, a farm animal saleyard with guided tours, and even a farm store selling fresh and untempered cows milk! However, Feilding has plenty more to offer, with fantastic free camping and picnicking reserves by the river, as well as museums and fantastic cafes! Find out what you could be getting up to in this list of things to do in Feilding.

Feilding makes a great base for exploring the wider Manawatu area, so be sure to check out these other towns too.

1. Check Out the Feilding Farmers’ Market

Every Friday between 9am to 2pm, Manchester Square in the town centre of Feilding, comes alive with the famous Feilding Farmers’ Market! Check out the local produce sold straight from the producers, as well as plenty of free tastings and live entertainment.

Location: Machester Square.

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2. Relax in the Almadale Reserve

This quiet reserve is a great stop for picnics, a paddle in the river, and for free overnight camping for self-contained vehicles.

Location: State Highway 54 – third road on the right past Feilding.

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3. Pick Up Some Milk from Arran Farm

You can’t buy fresher milk than that from the Arran Farm! This on-farm store sells A2 cows milk in glass bottles. Taste fresh untampered wholesome milk direct from the farmer.

Location: 174 Taonui Road.

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4. Camp or Swim at Menzies Ford

Another fantastic little reserve by the river is Menzies Ford. Go for a swim or even camp for free overnight in a self-contained campervan.

Location: Colyton Road, Colyton.

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5. Do a Tour of the Feilding Saleyard

Feilding is all about the farming and one great place to learn all about this traditional livelihood is at the Feilding Saleyard. Join a guided tour that takes place every Friday at 11am with one of the local farmers. You’ll learn about the history of selling livestock which dates back to the 1800s.

Location: 18 Manchester Street.

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6. Visit the Coach House Museum

Discover the stories of the early pioneers in the Manawatu region through old transport put on display. See old horse coaches, farming vehicles and even Maori waka (canoes) in this amazing collection of Manawatu heritage. The museum is open 7 days a week.

Location: 121 South Street.

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7. Shop Around and Enjoy the Cafes of Feilding

Feilding is one of the most picturesque towns in the Manawatu region with Edwardian architecture beautifully preserved. It’s well worth checking out the boutique stores, the statues around town, and treating yourself in one of the cafes.

Location: Town centre.

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More Things to Do Near Feilding

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