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7 Best Walks in Bluff

7 Best Walks in Bluff

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Walking and Hiking Trails in Bluff

If you’ve managed to make it all the way to the end of State Highway 1 in the southern regions of New Zealand, then you might as well make the most of it! Bluff has a fantastic range of walking trails to capture the scenery, visit historic sites and spot wildlife. Bluff Hill (Motupohue) has an excellent network of walking trails, all offering something different and connecting to make your walk as short or as long as you wish. Additionally, don’t miss Greenpoint, just before you reach Bluff, where the ship graveyard and wildlife make an awesome photo-op. So plan your walks in this Southland town of Bluff with this list of walks in Bluff!

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1. Topuni Track (50 Minutes One Way)

Although there is a road to the top of Bluff Hill, if you want to earn your views then there is also a walking track to the top. Starting from Stirling Point, the track steeply climbs by a World War Two gun emplacement where the Topuni Track officially starts. Follow the track with plenty of uphills and downhills through beautiful coastal forest. At the end, you’ll reach the summit of Bluff Hill and enjoy panoramic views of the coast, of Bluff town and out to Stewart Island.

Location: Stirling Point, end of State Highway 1/Ward Parade

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2. Foveaux Walkway (1 Hour One Way)

One of the most popular tracks on Bluff Hill, the Foveaux Walkway follows the coastline from Stirling Point to Lookout Point. The track is mostly flat and offers excellent views across the Foveaux Strait and Stewart Island. Either return the same way or make a loop by taking the Millennium Track then Topuni Track (further 1h30mins) or by continuing on the Ocean Beach Track (further 1h30mins) and returning along Ocean Beach Road and Gore Street (further 1 hour).

Location: Stirling Point, end of State Highway 1/Ward Parade

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3. Ocean Beach Track (1h30min One Way)

A more rugged track compared to those on Bluff Hill, the Ocean Beach Track follows a marked route along the coast and through farmland. Keep an eye out for seals and even Southern Right Whales in winter.

Location: Lookout Point (see above) or Ocean Beach Road

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4. Glory Track (1 Hour One Way)

The Glory Track on Bluff Hill offers an alternative route through the lush native forest between the Topuni Track and the Foveaux Walkway. It’s a pleasant and often quieter walk through the forest.

Location: End of Gunpit Road or halfway along the Foveaux Walkway (see below)

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5. Millennium Track (1 Hour One Way)

From Lookout Point, this steep track takes you up to Buff Hilltop. The Millennium Track offers a walk through a different type of vegetation with windblown shrubbery. The walk offers stunning expansive views almost the entire way.

Location: Flagstaff Road or Lookout Point at the end of the Foveaux Walkway (see above)

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6. Pearce Street Track (20 Minutes One Way)

A short walk easily accessible from town, the Pearce Street Track offers good views across Bluff and the coast. The trail is easy-going and undulating in places.

Location: Pearce Street

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7. Greenpoint Domain Track (15 Minutes One Way)

Just outside of Bluff is the important wetland habitat of the Greenpoint Domain. Follow an easy walking trail over boardwalks on the Greenpoint Domain Track following the shoreline. Get fantastic views across the Bluff Harbour, look out for wildlife and check out the ship graveyard.

Location: Just off State Highway 1, about 3km (2 miles) north of Bluff

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