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6 Ways to Work for Accommodation

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A Few Hours of Work a Day Keeps the Rent Bill Away

A good way to spend time in awesome parts of New Zealand, while saving the cents, is working for accommodation. This usually involves a bit of farm work here, childcare there, and hospitality work everywhere. In general, the agreement is usually working about 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, for accommodation and sometimes food. And yes, you legally need to have a working holiday visa to work for accommodation in New Zealand. Find out more at What Visa Do You Need to WWOOF in New Zealand.

What are the benefits of working for accommodation, apart from saving money? If you stay with a host, you will also enjoy a cultural exchange where you get to learn about New Zealand, while you tell your hosts all about your home! That’s why many hosts invite travellers into their homes.

1. WWOOFing

The aim of WWOOFing is so people travelling around New Zealand can work a few hours a day in exchange for free accommodation and meals. WWOOFing usually involves working on farms and gaining a cultural experience at the same time, however, it has expanded to more cultural exchanges usually involving helping with Kiwi family chores. For more information, check out Everything You Need to Know About WWOOFing in New Zealand.

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2. Au Pair

Gain experience in childcare, while living with a “host family”. It provides a cultural experience for both the au pair and host! Get more information at Being an Au Pair in New Zealand.

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3. Work in a Hostel

By working at a hostel reception or housekeeping, most hostels will give you a bed for free. Simply ask at around hostels face-to-face to see if there are any work for accommodation opportunities. Plus, check regularly on the NZPocketGuide.com Job Listings for work for accommodation vacancies. Plus, find out what it’s like to live long-term in a hostel here.

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4. Volunteer for the DoC

The Department of Conservation (DoC) holds volunteer projects all over the country to preserve and restore New Zealand wildlife and historic buildings. Check project descriptions to find out if accommodation is included. See our article: How to Volunteer for the Department of Conservation.

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5. Be Part of a Sailing Crew

Ever wanted to sail the seas or build on sailing experience? Websites, such as Find A Crew, allow you to find captains looking for a worthy crew to live aboard their vessel! (Could we sound any more pirate?) These trips, often lasting a week or so, either have a free bed aboard for you or you pay a small fee for food and a bed.

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6. Waged Jobs That Also Provide Accommodation

Even if you have full-time work with a wage, some jobs can offer free accommodation as well, such as working in hostels, motels, hotels, farm work such as fruit picking, lodge operators, etc. For ways to find a job quickly in New Zealand take a look at these tips.

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