7 Reasons to Get Medical & Travel Insurance in New Zealand

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Insurance: We Don’t Like it But We Got to Have it

We know what it’s like; every backpacker tries to save on money. However, they often see insurance as just an extra non-essential cost. In fact, it is an incredibly important part of your trip as it can make or break it. Having a sturdy company to rely on in case of an emergency is crucial during your trip and nobody wants to have to cut their trip short. See our five reasons to get travel insurance below.

For more information on insurance, see: 14 Questions to Ask Before BuyingMedical Insurance, as well as How to Choose Travel Insurance for New Zealand.

1. Medical Treatment or Evacuation is Extremely Expensive

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2. Missing Your Flight is Not that Uncommon…

Bye, bye…

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3. Losing Your Passport, Wallet and Other Belongings Can Happen…

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4. The Airline Could Lose Your Luggage


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5. Accidents Happen. You May Need Emergency Assistance

Oops… However, part of your accident medical bill will be covered by the ACC.

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6. It is Mandatory with a Working Holiday Visa

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7. Adding Personal Items is Cheaper than Separate Insurance

Ask your travel insurance company to add on cover for personal items like your cell phone and laptop for a better deal than you would usually get for insuring these items separately with their own standalone insurance.

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How to Get Cheap Travel Insurance for New Zealand

Comprehensive quality cover is the key! You want a New Zealand-based company who knows the local market and are easy to contact. Most of all, you want something affordable!

For all these things and more, we recommend the tried and tested insurance company OrbitProtect. Their range of insurances plans are perfect for travellers on a budget and working holidaymakers, plus they are based in New Zealand!

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