6 Best Cruises in Milford Sound
6 Best Cruises in Milford Sound

6 Best Cruises in Milford Sound

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Milford Sound Cruise Comparison – The Best Milford Sound cruises

You haven’t been to Milford Sound until you have cruised through its majestic fiord. A cruise in Milford Sound is on almost everybody’s bucket list when travelling New Zealand, but the decision fatigue from choosing a cruise is not what you need on your holiday. Let us reassure that whatever Milford Sound cruise you choose, you won’t be missing out on anything. Every day cruise in Milford Sound is around two hours on the water, all of which take almost the same route around the fiord. Whatever cruise you take, you’ll see all of the highlights that we feature in 11 Stunning Sights Seen From a Milford Sound Cruise. However, there are some minor differences between cruises that might make your decision-making a little easier. Take a look at our list of the best Milford Sound cruises below!

All of the cruises listed below depart from the Milford Sound Marina. If you’re looking for a cruise and transport, take a look at our 10 Best Milford Sound Tours from Queenstown & Te Anau.

1. Real Journeys Nature Cruise

Kicking off our list of the best Milford Sound cruises is the Real Journeys Nature Cruise. Real Journeys offers the widest range of cruises in Milford Sound, but one of their best offerings in the Real Journeys Nature Cruise. Onboard a characterful ship complete with masts (just like the early explorers of this fiord!) you’ll journey through the sounds while receiving insightful commentary from your nature guide. The tour hits all the waterfalls and mountain views of any Milford Sound cruise, as well as having a focus on spotting wildlife. Find out more about the Real Journeys Nature Cruise on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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2. JUCY Cruise

Cruise Milford Sound of the cheap! This cruise with JUCY Cruise offers one of the most affordable cruises on Milford Sound. The 1h30min cruise takes you to all the photo-worthy spots of Milford Sound, including a dip under Stirling Falls, before transporting you back to the marina. There’s live commentary to listen to onboard, complimentary tea and the boat often is (or feels) a lot less crowded than other Milford Sound cruises. This makes JUCY Milford Sound boat cruise an extremely popular option. Learn more on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Jucy Cruise© Jucy Cruise

3. Southern Discoveries Cruise and Underwater Observatory

The next cruise on our list of the best Milford Sound cruises includes an underwater observatory! Offering some of the best value-for-money packages for Milford Sound cruises, Southern Discoveries is definitely worth considering if you want to pair your cruise with a visit to their Milford Sound Underwater Observatory. After a two-hour cruise through Milford Sound, with picnic lunch included, you’ll get to experience a unique view of Milford Sound and its black coral from the underwater observatory. Find out more about additional experiences in Milford Sound with our 5 Milford Sound Must-Dos. Plus, check out the full tour details with Southern Discoveries on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Southern Discoveries© Southern Discoveries

4. Mitre Peak Cruises

Offering a smaller boat experience in Milford Sound, Mitre Peak Cruises is well worth considering if you want to share your cruise with fewer people. The cruise captures all the major highlights of Milford Sound from a smaller vessel to make the landscapes feel all the more grandeur! Tour guides look out for dolphin, seal and penguin encounters for you, while you soak up the scenery and enjoy the free tea and coffee onboard. This is also a good option for families, as children under three years cruise for free making Mitre Peak Cruises one of the best family options when it comes to Milford Sound boat cruises. Check out Viator and Tripadvisor for more information on Mitre Peak Cruises.

Mitre Peak Cruises© Mitre Peak Cruises

5. Go Orange Cruise

Looking to cruise Milford Sound without breaking the bank? Another super affordable way to see the sound is with Go Orange. Enjoy two hours on the water soaking in the views of Stirling and Bowen Falls, Mitre Peak, Seal Rock and much more. Learn about the landscape you are sailing through from your onboard guide. Relax on the bean bags, picnic tables and deck chairs with a craft beer or treat in hand from the onboard bar. Find out more about Go Orange on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Go Orange© Go Orange

6. Real Journeys Milford Mariner Overnight Cruise

Wrapping up our list of the best Milford Sound cruises is the Milford Mariner Overnight Cruise by Real Journeys. Once you discover Milford Sound, it can be difficult to leave. So spend an extra night in this wilderness paradise on an overnight cruise! The Milford Mariner Overnight Cruise with Real Journeys takes you down the entire length of Milford Sound before anchoring at Harrison Cove. Enjoy a three-course buffet meal, make use of the onboard kayaks, listen to the onboard nature guide, and stay in a private single or twin-share en suite cabin. Finally, check out the tour details on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Real Journeys© Real Journeys

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