5 Winning Reasons To Be An Au Pair in New Zealand

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Want to Be an Au Pair? Choose New Zealand!

We don’t need to tell you that working with children is a super rewarding experience, but the way to make it more epic is to do it in New Zealand. Living the Kiwi lifestyle while gaining experience in childcare to further career goals is not a bad way to go. By Kiwi lifestyle, we mean a good balance of work and play in one of the world’s ultimate playgrounds! So why wouldn’t you want to be an au pair in New Zealand?

Once you’ve read our winning reasons to be an au pair in New Zealand, be sure to learn the ins and out in our guide to Being an Au Pair in New Zealand.

1. New Zealand is an Adventure Playground

It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll get bored being an au pair, whether you’re looking after the kids or on your days off. New Zealand is the land of “stuff to do” from hiking to hot pools, wildlife to the scenery! Even Kiwi families are most often keen to see their local attractions so, even if you are out in the sticks, you’re bound to have a blast. Check out the sort of stuff you could be doing in Top 10 Things to Do in New Zealand.

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2. Getting a Working Holiday Visa is Easy

Unlike other countries, getting a working holiday visa for New Zealand is pretty easy if you are from the 40+ countries involved in the New Zealand Working Holiday Scheme. Just apply online when you quota opens (if your country even has a quota) and wait about three days to see if you have been approved. Having a working holiday visa is essential to be an au pair in New Zealand.

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3. There are No Major Language Barriers

If you’ve read this far, then we’re guessing you at least have a good grasp of English. English is the main spoken language in New Zealand. Being an au pair is one of the best ways to improve your English, or, if you are a native English-speaker then you are laughing! Plus, as children learn the Maori language in school, it’s pretty cool to learn that as well!

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4. Meet Amazing People

Becoming a core part of your host family’s lives an obvious reward of being an au pair. Not only that, if you decide to go use an au pair agency, they often arrange meet-ups and trips for their members!

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5. Gain Valuable Childcare Experience

If you’re interested in au pairing then no doubt a career in childcare doesn’t sound that bad to you! Being an au pair will give you hands-on experience where you’ll learn a lot more than what any university classroom can teach you!

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