5 Luxury Activities in Invercargill© Miles Holden - Tourism New Zealand
5 Luxury Activities in Invercargill

5 Best Luxury Experiences in Invercargill 🍷 [2023]

© Miles Holden – Tourism New Zealand

The Most Lavish Luxury Tours in Invercargill

Invercargill doesn’t pretend to be anything that it’s not. It’s not your tourist hub of Te Anau, it’s not your large city of Auckland full of luxury international hotels, it’s not a fine dining playground or the adventure capital of Queenstown. Invercargill is down-to-earth, offering travellers a place to unwind, take a break from the mission that travelling around New Zealand, and give intrepid travellers the opportunity to experience “southern hospitality”. That’s not to say that there aren’t a few premium experiences that are bound to entice the luxury travellers. Take a look at some of our top picks in this list of luxury experiences in Invercargill.

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1. Embark on a Scenic Flight and Hiking Expedition to Stewart Island

Get off the beaten track starting with a scenic flight to Stewart Island to land on one of the island’s remote beaches. The Coast-to-Coast is the ultimate multi-day hiking experience with Stewart Island Flights, starting and ending in Invercargill. Fly from Invercargill to Stewart Island, taking in the views of what feels like the edge of the earth. You’ll get the unique experience of a beach landing on Mason Bay before enjoying a short walk to the Mason Bay Hut. Look out for kiwi birds, that freely roam in this protected area, before you sleep under the vivid starry displays of the southern skies.

The next day, enjoy a walk through windswept forest and sand dunes on your way to Freshwater, where a water taxi will be waiting to whisk you away to Golden Bay and Oban, the island’s one and only town. Spend some time here doing the 6 Best Luxury Experiences on Stewart Island.

Location: Invercargill Airport – Airport Avenue, approximately 2.5km (1.5 miles) from Invercargill city centre.

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2. Indulge in the Cuisine of the South at the Fine Dining Restaurants

Southland has its own specialities when it comes to cuisine, from fresh Bluff Oysters to Fiordland venison – learn more in the 25 Foods You Have to Try in New Zealand. One of Invercargill’s most prestigious restaurants to experience the flavours of the south is Elegance at 148 on Elles. Nothing is done in halves here, from the freshly-baked bread as your side to the fresh Bluff Oysters prepared in three ways. The only problem is the analysis paralysis as you decide from the extensive menu of flavourful seafood dishes, wild venison dishes and vegetarian options.

A more casual fine dining option, Buster Crabb offers a distinctive focus on steak and the best of Southland. Choose your steak, accompaniments and how it’s cooked and leave the rest up to the chefs. Alternatively, indulge in Southland specialities like Southland blue cod, sticky venison spare ribs, slow-roasted lamb and more. Tip: Leave plenty of room, as the portions here are “catered to the Southland appetite”.

Location: Elegance at 148 on Elles – 148 Elles Road, Corner Elles Road & Crinan Street, Georgetown. Buster Crabb – 326 Dee Street. Plus, learn more about Southland cuisine and more in Where to Try Traditional New Zealand Food?

5 Luxury Activities in Invercargill© Miles Holden - Tourism New Zealand

3. See One of the Largest Private Collections of Vehicles at Bill Richardson Transport World

Whether you’re a petrolhead or not, it’s difficult not to be impressed by Bill Richardson Transport World. This 15,000sqm (161,459sqft) complex celebrates all things “wheels”, from displays of impeccably-restored Ford Letter Cars to the only working Dodge RX70 Airflow in the world. You can spend hours here browsing the vintage vehicles and petrol pumps, but the complex has a few other tricks up its sleeve. See art as fashion at the World of Wearable Art exhibition, keep the family entertained in the LEGO construction area, complete the experience by dining at The Grille, and even spend the night in Transport World’s luxury apartments, The Lodges. For more all-weather activities like this, see 10 Things to Do in Invercargill on a Rainy Day.


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4. Take Part in a Bespoke Chocolate-Making Class

For the foodie within, be sure to try out some of the artisan chocolates at The Seriously Good Chocolate Company. While the cafe is a great place to simply relax and indulge in a gourmet hot chocolate, very few people know that you can take a behind-the-scenes tour of their factory – best done in the morning. Amplify the experience further with a bespoke chocolate-making class, exclusively for you and your family/group to learn how to craft chocolate. Of course, there are plenty of obligatory taste tests along the way.

Location: 147 Spey Street, Invercargill city centre.

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5. Unleash at the Heavy Machinery Playground, Dig This!

Invercargill is home to a few unique experiences in New Zealand, one of which is the heavy machinery playground of Dig This! Get behind the controls of mighty excavators, bulldozers and skid steers to dig giant pits, build giant mounds, play “bucket basketball”, stack 910kg (2,000lbs) tyres, smash things and cause a bit of havoc! Each “ride” lasts a whopping 60 minutes, with options for all ages. All in all, Dig This is the perfect way to blow off some serious steam! Find out more about Dig This on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Location: 84 Otepuni Avenue, approximately 3km (2 miles) from Invercargill city centre.

Dig This Invercargill© Dig This Invercargill

More Luxury Experiences in Invercargill

Need more luxury experiences in Invercargill? While not as lavish as what is mentioned above, the following guides might lead you to your perfect experience.

That’s it for the best luxury activities in Invercargill. Find even more tips to make your luxury getaway exceptional in The Luxury Travel Guide to New Zealand.


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