5 Lake Tekapo Must-Dos

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Things you can’t miss in Lake Tekapo!

Thanks to its awe-inspiring scenery, Lake Tekapo is a destination you can’t miss on the South Island. You might enjoy those brilliant turquoise waters and snow-peaked mountains so much that you’ll want to stay awhile! If that’s the case, then we have narrowed down all the things to do in Lake Tekapo to bring you this list of Lake Tekapo must-dos!To make the most out of the scenery, stargazing, relaxing activities and more active activities, we have brought you the best of what there is to do in Tekapo. For more inspiration for your Tekapo stay, head to Lake Tekapo Guide for Backpackers and find yourself some cheap accommodation with 5 Best Backpacker Hostels in Lake Tekapo.

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1. Scenic flight over Lake Tekapo

Why do people come to Lake Tekapo? First and foremost, it’s for the scenery. The best way to really treat yourself to that scenery is with a scenic flight. See the vibrant turquoise waters of Lake Tekapo from above, as well as the mind-blowing views of the Southern Alps and Aoraki Mt Cook! Flights can be done by plane or by helicopter.

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2. Stargaze in one of the world’s darkest skies

Lake Tekapo is part of an International Dark Sky Reserve meaning it has some of the darkest skies and best conditions for stargazing in the world. If you get a clear night, join a tour to the Mt John Observatory where you can use state of the art telescopes to check out the Southern Hemisphere’s perspective of faraway galaxies and star clusters. Alternatively, combine your stargazing with hot pools on theTekapo Springs Stargazing Tour.

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3. Get a photo of the Church of the Good Shepherd

As a quaint little isolated church on the shores of Lake Tekapo, The Church of the Good Shepherd makes its way onto everybody’s Instagram! You know you’re going to visit it anyway, so that’s why The Church of the Good Shepherd sits comfortably at number three on our list! And by the way, if you want to see lupins around the church, then this is the best time to see them.

Location: On the eastern side of the Tekapo road bridge down Pioneer Drive.

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4. Unwind in Tekapo Springs

Hot pools have never felt as good as they do in this cool alpine town. Relax in three different large hot pools at Tekapo Springs. The outdoor pools give you great views of Lake Tekapo and the surrounding mountains. They make a great way to unwind after a long drive.

Location: Lakeside Drive.

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5. Hike up Mt John

For a more active (and cheaper) thing to do in Lake Tekapo, a must-do is a hike up Mt John! After walking through pine forest, you’ll emerge on a tussock hillside with sweeping views of Lake Tekapo all the way to the Southern Alps. Walking up and back down again takes about 1h20mins or you can do the whole 3-hour Mt John Summit Circuit.

Location: Start from next to Tekapo Springs on Lakeside Drive.

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