5 Incredible Places to Do Parasailing in New Zealand© NZPocketGuide.com
5 Incredible Places to Do Parasailing in New Zealand

5 Incredible Places to Do Parasailing in New Zealand

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Where to Do Parasailing in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its BIG landscapes so why not experience them in a BIG way? Parasailing will take you hundreds of feet over New Zealand’s largest lakes and epic coastlines to see the scenery in a whole new way! What’s more, parasailing is an adventure activity for all ages, literally! Toddlers to pensioners can even hit the skies on this awesome activity. So where are the best places to try parasailing in New Zealand? Find out in this list!

With most parasailing companies in New Zealand, you can experience parasailing alone, with a friend or even as three people providing your combined weight doesn’t go over the limit. What’s more, you don’t even need to get wet with this activity (although some cheeky parasailing guides might dip your toes in the water).

1. Bay of Islands

Paihia in the Bay of Islands is home to New Zealand’s highest parasail at 1800ft! There’s no better way to lap up those amazing island and coastal views than from high in the sky. Fly solo, tandem or triple on this adventure in the sky with Flying Kiwi Parasail. Book your experience on Viator or Tripadvisor. Plus, check out more epic things to do in the Bay of the Islands in our 10 Must-Dos in the Bay of Islands.

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2. Taupo

Soaring 800ft above New Zealand’s largest lake is a pretty epic place to parasail. Enjoy awesome views of this ancient volcanic crater lake and over to the Central North Island volcanoes on a clear day. You can also choose to take your shoes off for a bit of a toe-dip! Choose to go tandem, triple or solo. Check out more things to do in Taupo, in 10 Taupo Must-Dos.

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3. Queenstown

Under the smiling face of the Queenstown Paraflights parachute, drift over Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown at 600ft. This parasailing activity is open year-round, offering solo, tandem and triple flights. See more things to do in Queenstown with our 10 Queenstown Must-Dos.

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4. Wanaka

Lake Wanaka is pretty spectacular seen from the shore, but from 800ft over the lake, it’s something else! Choose from a solo or tandem experience with around 10 minutes flying time. For more things to do in Wanaka, see 10 Wanaka Must-Dos.

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[CLOSED] Rotorua

[Update: Kawarau Jet is no longer operating]. Kawarau Jet in Rotorua (otherwise known as KJet) offers awesome parasailing trips giving you unparalleled views of Lake Rotorua. Fly 400ft over the waters of this geothermal city where you’ll enjoy a 10-minute flight either solo, tandem or triple! Check them out on Viator and Tripadvisor. Additionally, add more things to your Rotorua bucket list with our 10 Rotorua Must-Dos.

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