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5 Cool Cafes With the Best Coffee in Wellington

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Where to Get a Great Coffee in Wellington

Pretty soon after landing in New Zealand, most of us realise that Kiwis are crazy about coffee. It’s hard to even find a bad coffee in New Zealand, but if you are looking for something truly smooth with the right balance of bitterness and zing, then try out these cafes with the best coffee in Wellington. Of course, when it comes to tasting food and drink, opinion plays a big part. But these cafes, in our humble opinion, are simply awesome when it comes to coffee!

What we also love about cafes in Wellington is that many of them stay open at least until 10pm, which you will almost never find in New Zealand outside of the major cities. However, this isn’t the rule for every cafe in Wellington, so if you are looking for an after-work coffee or a boost at the end of the day, be sure to check out the closing times to avoid disappointment.

In between sipping coffee, try these 10 Wellington Must-Dos! Wellington also has a fantastic craft beer scene, so if you want to dive into that, see the 14 Breweries & Craft Beer Bars in Wellington. Plus, find a place to stay in The 50 Best Accommodations in Wellington.

1. Caffe L’affare

One of the real coffee pioneers of the famous Wellington coffee scene, L’affare has become a super popular coffee brand in New Zealand where you can pick up your own coffee beans or plunger coffee in most New Zealand supermarkets. We highly recommend checking Caffe L’affare out for coffee, brunch or lunch!

Location: 27 College Street

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2. Sweet Mother’s Kitchen

Sweet Mother’s Kitchen might be more well-known for its home-cooked style food than for its coffee, but honestly, the coffee is pretty damn good! However, if you are popping in, try out their menu too with influences from New Orleans and even some amazing Mexican snacks.

Location: 5 Courtenay Place.

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3. Fidel’s

This Cuba Street favourite offers Havana coffee coming fresh from the roastery just around the corner! Not only is the coffee first-rate, but the menu also caters to meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans alike. For more tips about travelling New Zealand as a vegetarian, check out our Vegetarian Travel Guide to New Zealand. Fidel’s also features on our Cheap Eats in Wellington so find some more affordable cafes there!

Location: 234 Cuba Street.

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4. Floriditas

This may be another surprising entry into this best coffee in Wellington list, as the cafe on Cuba Street is more famous for its baked goods. However, their coffee is also to die for! It goes amazing with their breakfast menu, so if you’re looking for a treat-yourself breakfast with great coffee, Floriditas is your place!

Location: 161 Cuba Street.

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5. The Hanger

Flight Coffee is not sh*tting around when it comes to coffee! Head to Flight Coffee’s flagship cafe, The Hanger, for tasting-tray style coffee tastings or just a good cuppa with a light bite to eat. Their in-house brewed coffee is ethically sourced and is found being served more and more in cafes across New Zealand!

Location: 171-177 Willis Street.

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