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19 Backpackers That You Will Meet in Every Hostel

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Crazy Characters to Observe in Your Backpacker Hostel

The backpacker hostel is an intriguing environment found over most continents on our planet. An ecosystem of cheapness attracts migrating species from all over the world. With an instinct to explore and a willingness to share sleeping quarters, fascinating individuals form. Staying in a hostel gives us a unique insight into each individual, many of which can be observed in its natural habitat. Come on a journey with us as we look at these 19 backpackers that you will meet in every hostel…

Note: This article is to be read in the voice and tone of a nature documentary narrator. We’re thinking David Attenborough-like.

1. The Guy with a Guitar

A hostel lounge will not be a hostel lounge without a guy scratching a guitar. Sadly for us, he only knows three songs. He is usually the same guy that gets lucky later on… (See number 8).

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2. The Globetrotter

They have more stamps than passport pages and cannot stop showing them off. Even a stamp from a 12-hour stopover counts! “Been there, done that… Yadda, yadda…”

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3. The One That Never Stopped

Some people get stuck backpacking, not that there is anything wrong with it. They are usually over 40 years old and have an agenda. They planned their day and nothing will stop them. Good on them!

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4. The Know-it-All

They simply can not stop giving their opinion on everything that you are planning or have even already done. They act as if they are locals, except that they arrived a couple of months after you…

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5. The Indecent

Pull your pants up already! (This guy at least has underwear on).

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6. The Party Animal

The landscape? Meh… The Lord of the Rings? Meh… This guy/girl is here for one thing and one thing only: to party hard! You can find them in these 9 Great Backpacker Bars in New Zealand.

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7. The Flashpacker

Who cares about money? Mommy and Daddy will pick up the bill. The flashpacker is here to tick off as much as possible on their bucket list.

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8. The One That Got Lucky

If he is either on your bottom or your top bunk, you are in for a looooong night…

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9. The Over-packer

Often found in bigger cities, the over-packer is easy to find. Just follow the grunts of despair when they learn that the elevator is broken. They clearly need to look at our The Ultimate Packing List for an Extended Trip in New Zealand.

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10. The Long-termer

Every hostel has a bunch of backpackers that are part of the furniture. They have been here for more than three months and feel (and act) like they are right at home. By the way, if you fancy yourself being this type of backpackers, then make sure to read What it’s Like to be a Long-Termer in a Hostel.

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11. The Bragger

“Yeah, Queenstown is a nice town but I’ve been to Dubai, Rio De Janeiro and Moscow and it was muuuuuuuch better.” Yeah right!

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12. The First-timer

Super enthusiastic and full of hopes, the first-timer is ready for the trip of their life and simply can’t stop showing it! Their energy is communicative and they will make you say: “Damn! I’ve been here for a week and have done half of what they’ve done in a day!

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13. The Couple

They are on top of each other 24/7 and will not try to communicate with anyone. Self-sufficient, they can only be approached by another couple.

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14. The Gigglers

These are usually two young lasses giggling at everything. Despite having only 19 years of life experience, they judge every single person in the dorm room. A group of party animals will soon converse with them, resulting in a trip to the bar and a noisy return of loud “shushing”.

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15. The Exhausted

Physically exhausted by too much travelling, hiking or partying, they fall asleep on the lounge’s couch, kitchen’s chair, or even on the wrong bed…

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16. The Vegan Warrior

Incredibly enthusiastic about their lifestyle choice, they can either be a really educational person to meet or a very pushy preacher.

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17. The White Guy with Dreadlocks

Often found in a darker corner of the hostel rolling a funny cigarette, the white guy with dreadlocks thinks that not washing his hair is cool. It was only cool in the Matrix… Actually, even then it wasn’t that cool.

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18. The Sleeper

You’ve never seen them awake, despite living in the same hostel than them for two weeks.

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19. The Socially Awkward

Many people take a gap year to find themselves or to try something new. But coming out of their shell that they lived in for 20 something years is not easy. It sometimes leads to awkward moments, but those are usually the most charming!

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