16 Classic Backpacker Problems

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Backpacker Problems: A Step Below First-world Problems

Living out of a backpack, meeting new people all the time, bunk beds… These fundamental parts of being a backpacker actually bring forth some slightly stupid issues. Backpackers have to live through the hardships listed below, so if you can donate $2 a month to a backpacker they will be delighted and find ways of not spending it.

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1. Having the Same Conversation With Everyone You Meet

“Where are you from?”, “How long have you been in New Zealand?”… You know the drill.

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2. Drinking Every Single Night Just to be Social Enough…

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3. Making Friends Only to Say Goodbye Hours After

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4. Being on the Top Bunk with a Horny Couple on the Bottom Bunk…

 Awkward on Wikipedia© Awkward on Wikipedia

5. Meeting People From Your Own Country and Trying So Hard to Avoid Them

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6. Having Too Many Ingredients to Cook for One So Having to Eat the Same Meal for Three Days in a Row

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7. Packing Way Too Much

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8. Discovering There is No Free WiFi at Your Hostel

Oh well, you can just get it here instead.

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9. Listening to Someone Brag About How Many Passport Stamps They Have

 hjl on Flickr© hjl on Flickr

10. Be Recommended Only Expensive Activities When Your Budget Can Only afford Free Stuff

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s some advice to save some cents.

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11. Know-it-all Backpackers who Think They Know Everything About a Country They’ve Been in for Only a Month

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12. Sitting Down in a Hostel in the Middle of a Group That Only Speaks Their Own Language.

Maybe you should give them this link.

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13. Coping with Summer Camp-type Heartbreak Once Every Two Weeks.

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14. Realising That Somebody Drank All Your Milk “By Mistake”

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15. Be Ready to Do Anything for Something Labelled “FREE”

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16. Realising That the Only Reason You Know it is Wednesday is Because it’s $2 Shot Night in the Hostel Bar!

On that note, here are some awesome backpacker bars to do just that!

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