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16 Amazing Rainbow Pictures Taken in New Zealand

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See Rainbows in New Zealand!

New Zealand is a pretty magical place. What makes it more magical is when there’s a rainbow. Thanks to the abrupt change of weather in New Zealand (Four Seasons in a Day, they say), there have been some amazing rainbow captures. So for your viewing pleasure, we’ve shared some of the best rainbows the Internet has to offer. Check out these rainbows in New Zealand!

Congratulations to these awesome photographers for capturing these moments! We are proud to show your genius – even a rainbow-making whale in Kaikoura!

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1. Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park is famous for sea, sand and coastal forest. Experience the national park via hiking the Abel Tasman Coast Track, which is one of the New Zealand Great Walks or go on a kayaking tour to experience it from the water.

Location: South Island

© Michael Matti

2. Paihia

Kayaking under Haruru Falls in Paihia is one of the 7 Water Activities in the Bay of Islands. On a sunny day, it’s also a good place to see some rainbows.

Location: North Island

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3. Queenstown

Rainbows are not the only colourful lights seen from Queenstown. It’s one of the best locations for seeing the Southern Lights too.

Location: South Island

© cloudfront.net

4. Milford Sound

The Eighth Wonder of the World gets its fair share of rainbows thanks to its frequent wet weather. In fact, it’s one of the wettest places in New Zealand.

Location: South Island

© sabrinako.com

5. Stirling Falls

Ok, so this is another Milford Sound beauty! Milford Sound’s sunny days often mean rainbows can be seen in the spray of the fiord’s many waterfalls.

Location: Milford Sound, South Island

© traveljournals.net

6. Kaikoura

Whales make their own rainbows in New Zealand. Kaikoura is one of the top destinations for watching majestic Sperm Whales. Check out some awesome wildlife encounters in Kaikoura.

Location: South Island

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7. Pancake Rocks

High tide is the best time to see the blowholes at the Punakaiki Pancake Rocks at their best so you can catch shots like this on a sunny day.

Location: Punakaiki, South Island

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8. Most of New Zealand…

Ok, so we don’t know where this was taken but most of New Zealand looks like this: farmland, coast and the odd rainbow!

© lightexhibit.org

9. Burn Valley

The walking capital of New Zealand, Te Anau, also receives a lot of rain so snap up those rainbow shots! Learn more about Te Anau in the 5 Te Anau Must-Dos.

Location: Te Anau, South Island

© Department Of Conservation

10. Tongariro National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Area is right here in the Tongariro National Park. The volcanic landscapes are the main attraction of this special place in the central North Island.

Location: North Island

© bugbog.com

11. Aoraki Mt Cook National Park

Aoraki Mt Cook is home to New Zealand’s highest mountain and, apparently, some good rainbow shots when the conditions are right. Find out more about the Aoraki Mt Cook National Park here.

Location: South Island

© discoverabroad.uga.edu

12. Wellington

Even the capital city has its fair share of rainbows. Here’s a great shop of a sweeping rainbow over Wellington’s inner city.

Location: North Island

© metservice.com

13. Cape Kidnappers

This photo is just mean! Cape Kidnappers is home to New Zealand’s largest mainland gannet colony and can be visited in the Hawke’s Bay region.

Location: North Island

© stableslodge.co.nz

14. Mt Hikurangi

The peak of Mt Hikurangi is the first piece of land in New Zealand to get the first sun of the day. You can organise day hikes to the peak through the permission of the locals.

Location: East Cape, North Island

© http://imgur.com/cRCtx9E

15. Mt Taranaki

An awesome double rainbow shot from the Holly Hut on Mt Taranaki! Mt Taranaki is the iconic volcano in the centre of the Egmont National Park.

Location: North Island

 Kathrin & Stefan Marks on Flickr© Kathrin & Stefan Marks on Flickr

16. Lake Waikaremoana

Our final image of rainbows in New Zealand is at Lake Waikaremoana in the North Island. On the lake in the middle of the North Island’s largest native forest is a good place to watch the weather changing around you.

Location: Te Urewera, North Island

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