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14 Breweries & Craft Beer Bars in Wellington

14 Best Breweries & Craft Beer Bars in Wellington

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Wellington Breweries and Craft Beer Bars You Have to Try!

Wellington is the capital of many things, including craft beer! The craft beer revolution is taking New Zealand by storm, and the evidence is clear in Wellington. The city is packed with craft beer bars and breweries with cellar doors open for business. Culture your palette and taste the beers for yourself at the breweries and craft beer bars in Wellington listed below!

From the heart of the city to the cool suburban areas, Wellington has plenty of crafty experiences to offer. To compliment your craft beer bar crawl, check out these 10 Wellington Must-Dos, and find a place to stay with these fantastic 10 Best Budget Accommodation in Wellington City and 10 Best Hotels in Wellington.

1. Fork Brewing

Pick up a pint of the latest creations from Fork Brewing, the in-house brewery at the Fork & Brewer. The brewery is right in the centre of Wellington City, so don’t miss it while you’re city strolling.

Location: 14 Bond Street.

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2. Garage Project: 91 Aro

Ideally locates on Aro Street in the heart of Wellington City, this Garage Project brewbar is a unique space to try their ever-changing craft beers on the same street as the beer is brewed! See below to check out their brewery.

Location: 91 Aro Street.

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3. Tuatara Brewery

Arguably the most popular craft beer out of Wellington has its headquarters and brewery on the Kapiti Coast. Enjoy a fresh beer and outstanding food at their relaxed cellar door. You can even fill up a bottle to takeaway.

Location: 7 Sheffield Street, Kapiti.

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4. Baylands Brewery

Often described as “pushing the boundaries of brewing” Baylands Brewery is a must-visit for the adventurous craft beer drinker. Find the brewery and cellar door in Petone, Lower Hutt.

Location: 22 Victoria Street, Petone.

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5. Kereru

A blend of European and British-style craft beers with New Zealand-grown ingredients is Kereru’s speciality! Experience the taste of local flavours with New Zealand hops and malt mixed with classic European styles at this cellar door in Upper Hutt. Tours of the brewery are available by appointment.

Location: 415 Maidstone Terrace, Upper Hutt.

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6. Garage Project Brewery

Head to the Cellar Door of the Garage Project Brewery to sample the latest flavours of this award-winning craft beer brewery. The team are known to spruce up some creative brews from chocolate beer to mango and grapefruit IPA(?!).

Location: 68 Aro Street.

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7. Malthouse

When experiencing the Wellington nightlife, don’t miss this craft beer bar in Wellington! Sample a wide range of craft beer with beer matching to experience true hoppiness!

Location: 48 Courtenay Place.

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8. Hashigo Zake

Step into the “Heineken Free Zone” of Hashigo Zake and taste the finest craft beers New Zealand has to offer. The self-described “cult beer bar” mostly serves New Zealand craft beer but is also working on its selection of international imports from Australia, Japan, the US and Europe.

Location: Basement, 25 Taranaki Street.

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9. The Hop Garden

On the lower slopes of Mt Victoria, The Hop Garden has a real beer garden vibe (without having to sit outside and brave the Wellington winds). They serve an excellent range of New Zealand craft beer and quality wines, as well as lunches and evening meals.

Location: 13 Pirie Street, Mt Victoria.

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10. Little Beer Quarter

Match your craft beer with one of the Little Beer Quarter’s daily food specials, as featured in our Cheap Eats in Wellington. They boast 14 rotating taps, 2 handpulls and over 100 beers in the fridge, as well as serving New Zealand wine and cider.

Location: 6 Edward Street.

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11. Rogue & Vagabond

Not only do they serve some amazing craft beer on tap, but Rogue & Vagabond is also a live entertainment venue, making for an awesome night out in Wellington! Check out live music and comedy nights, as well as their super cheap food deals as featured in our Cheap Eats in Wellington.

Location: 18 Garrett Street.

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12. Golding’s Free Dive

Wellington’s cool little craft beer bar might be small but it serves some mighty New Zealand beers and wines! Have a pint during their pizza nights every Wednesday to Saturday.

Location: 14 Leeds Street.

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13. ParrotDog

Pop into the ParrotDog cellar door straight from the plane and treat yourself to flagon or bottle of locally brewed goodness! This brewery located close to the Wellington Airport.

Location: 60-66 Kingsford Smith Street, Lyall Bay

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14. Waitoa

Choose from two brewbar venues to experience a little “Waitoa” in your life. Waitoa Hātaitai is the original brewery and brewbar of the group, which hosts all sorts of evening events in the suburb of Hātaitai Village. Alternatively, dip into Waitoa Victoria Street to swap the city centre bustle for a relaxed vibe and drink in hand.

Location: Waitoa Hataitai – 32 Waitoa Road, Hātaitai. Waitoa Victoria Street – 175 Victoria Street, Te Aro.

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[CLOSED] The Third Eye

Experience the tastes of Tuatara Beer (see brewery information above) in the Tuatara beer bar, The Third Eye. In the rustic setting of exposed brick walls, the bar has a cool vibe to go with your cool beer.

Location: 30 Arthur Street

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