12 Things to Do in Taupo on a Rainy Day
12 Things to Do in Taupo on a Rainy Day

12 Things to Do in Taupo on a Rainy Day

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What to Do on a Rainy Day in Taupo

Sometimes it rains in Taupo… That’s ok because there are plenty of things to in Taupo on a rainy day! From indoor attractions to activities where you are going to get wet anyway, there are heaps of rainy day activities in Taupo.

We’ve picked out some awesome indoor activities like free honey tastings and a wander around a museum. There’s also great water activities where you won’t even know it’s raining, such as thermal hot pools, white water rafting and wakeboarding. So take a look at the list below a fun-filled day of entertainment on those wet weather days.

1. Keep Warm in a Hot Pool

With heaps of geothermal activity in the area, finding a hot pool in Taupo isn’t exactly difficult. Plus, if you’re going to get wet from the rain, at least be warm at the same time! Your hot pool offerings in Taupo include the free Hot Water Stream at Spa Thermal Park (entrance off Spa Road), AC Baths (on AC Baths Avenue) for affordable bathing, and DeBretts (76 Napier-Taupo Road) and Wairakei Terraces (State Highway 1) for more luxurious bathing. Find out more about Debretts on Viator and Tripadvisor.

For more hot pools, check out 7 Free Natural Hot Springs in New Zealand.

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2. Tour and Drink at the Crafty Trout Brewery

Drink your rainy day sorrows away at the Crafty Trout Brewery. Try some locally-crafted beer and cider with a NZ$25 tasting rack and take a NZ$10 tour around the brewery! All without having to step out into the rain! For more beer-related goodness, check out 5 Brewery Tours in New Zealand. For more activities like this, check out the 7 Things to Do in Taupo for Foodies.

Location: 135 Tongariro Street

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3. Go Fishing

When the rain starts to pour, the locals come out and we are not talking only about the local fishermen. Indeed the local trout seem to be more active in the lake and you will be able to catch dinner in no time. Lake Taupo is one of the most popular trout fishing grounds of the country with thousands of fish populating its rich waters. You can fish from shore or from a boat with many operators offering half-day or full-day fishing charters. Head to the small village of Turangi for world-class fishing, for its abundant trout population.

Location: All around Lake Taupo but particularly near Turangi Town.

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4. Wise Up at the Taupo Museum

Going to the museum is always a life-saver on a rainy day! For just NZ$5, look at the ever-changing displays of local art exhibitions. Check out the display of Maori artefacts in the Tuwharetoa Gallery, trinkets from New Zealand’s European settlers in the Kiwiana Caravan, step into a Maori meeting house, and learn about the region’s volcanic past.

Location: Story Place (between Super Loo and the Rose Gardens)

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5. Go White Water Rafting

With the idea that you’re going to get wet anyway, take a white water rafting trip from Taupo! Tongariro River Rafting (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor) and Rafting New Zealand (on Viator and Tripadvisor) can take you on a grade 3 adventure on the stunning Tongariro River. Or amp it up with Rafting New Zealand on the grade 5 Wairoa River! For more about rafting, take a look at 7 Places to go White Water Rafting in New Zealand.

Location: Rafting New Zealand Adventure Centre – 47 Ruapehu Street, Tongariro River Rafting – 95 Atirau Road, Turangi (can organise Taupo pick-up).

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6. Watch Some Glass Blowing at Lava Glass

Nothing will keep you warm quite like standing near a glass-blowing furnace! Watch the mesmerising art of glass-blowing at Lava Glass and take a look at the collection of beautiful glass art. See more activities like this in the 10 Luxury Activities in Taupo.

Location: 165 State Highway 5

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7. Hook Yourself a Prawn at the Huka Prawn Park

Most of the Huka Prawn Park is undercover so you don’t need to get wet to hook yourself some lunch at the Huka Prawn Park. Check out the trout in the underwater observatory, catch some prawns in prawn fishing and see the prawns in the nursery and hatchery. Find out more about the Huka Prawn Park on Viator and Tripadvisor. This and more foodie experiences can be found at The Foodie Guide to Taupo.

Location: Karetoto Road

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8. Test Your Skills at the Edge Indoor Rock Wall

You don’t need to be outside to do rock climbing in Taupo. Challenge yourself to climbs grading from 12 to 29 on this 12m-high wall situated at the Events Centre. The facility is also pretty affordable at NZ$10-$12.

Location: 26 AC Baths Avenue

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9. Try Out Wakeboarding

Another activity where you are going to get wet anyway, the Taupo Wake Park is a great place to try out wakeboarding or water skiing! Whatever the weather, you can learn to wakeboard on this custom-built cable pulling boarders and skiers across the lake. You can even run around in a water walking ball if you like. Find out more about Taupo Wake Park on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Location: 201 Karetoto Road

 Eivind Barstad Waaler on Flickr© Eivind Barstad Waaler on Flickr

10. Try Some Honey at the Huka Honey Hive

Another great indoor attraction in Taupo, the Huka Honey Hive offers plenty of free tastings and a look at the bees at work in a glass display. What’s more, it’s free! Check out more 12 Free or Cheap Activities in Taupo.

Location: 65 Karetoto Road

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11. Go on a Taupo Food Trail

The great thing about cafes and restaurants are that they are indoors! (And they serve food, which is kind of nice too). Mix food and art at the L’Arte Cafe and Sculpture Garden or check out our Cheap Eats in Taupo article.

Location: LArte Caf and Sculpture Garden –

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12. Watch New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year!

Who doesn’t like a binge-watching session on YouTube? Get inspiration for your New Zealand travels by watching New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year on YouTube where the team behind NZPocketGuide.com challenge themselves to do 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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