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The Activities You Can’t Miss on the Tutukaka Coast

With more beaches, surf and quaint coastal communities than you can shake a stick at, the Tutukaka Coast is an absolute must for any beach bum travelling New Zealand. On land, you have an endless choice of walkways to some of New Zealand’s largest trees and beach-view campgrounds in the most secluded places. At sea, you have the world-class dive location of the Poor Knights Islands, as well as epic surf locations and great beaches for a swim. Discover all the highlights in this list of things to do in Tutukaka!

Tutukaka and the Tutukaka Coast is just a 30-minute drive from Whangarei, so it’s a no-brainer when you’re road tripping around the Northland region. However, if you do have more time in Whangarei, check out these 10 Best Things to Do in Whangarei.

1. Cruise, Scuba or Snorkel at the Poor Knights Islands

We can’t kick off a list of things to do in Tutukaka without mentioning the Poor Knights Islands. Arguably the most incredible dive site in New Zealand, the Poor Knights Islands are a series of islands formed by an ancient volcano. The waters surrounding the islands are a marine reserve, giving you a chance to snorkel or dive among a vast array of fish, soft corals, sponges, vibrant anemones, kelp forests and more. Out of the water, the islands themselves are an amazing sight with numerous archways and the world’s largest sea cave, Rikoriko Cave.

Location: Tours depart from the Tutukaka Marina with Dive! Tutukaka, Fish Tutukaka, Perfect Day and more.©

2. Visit Ngunguru

Your watersports capital of the Tutukaka Coast, Ngunguru is a coastal village with the beach acting as an awesome natural playground. There is a water ski lane and boat ramp, however, if you don’t have your own gear, try surfing or kayaking where you can hire the gear in the village. An alternative dry option is to do the Ngunguru Mangrove Walkway, an easy 20-minute return walk through the bush and across boardwalks through mangrove forests. The walk goes between Munroe Places and Kakariki Road. Finally, another walk, but only possible at low tide, is between Te Maika Road and Whangaumu Bay taking you along the beach.

Location: Ngunguru, 3 km (2 mi) south of Tutukaka on Ngunguru Road.

Phillip Capper on Flickr© Phillip Capper on Flickr

3. Walk to the Tutukaka Lighthouse

This 1-hour return Tutukaka Head walk is a must-do to get some awesome views of the Tutukaka Coast and the Poor Knights Islands. Follow a grassy track across a headland to a reserve with native plants. You’ll then descend to a beach with a rocky causeway out to Kukutauwhao Island, which is best accessed at low tide. Climb to the top of the island where you’ll reach the Tutukaka Lighthouse!

Location: Start at Landowners Lane, about 400 m (437 yards) north past the turn-off to the Tutukaka Marina.

10 Best Things to Do in Tutukaka© Unsplash

4. Relax at Whale Bay

Possibly one of the most picturesque beaches in the Tutukaka area, Whale Bay is a curved white sand beach backed with native bush. The secluded beach can only be accessed by a 10-minute walk from the beach car park or along the Matapouri Bay to Whale Bay Walkway (see below). The beach is great for swimming and snorkelling with consistently clear waters.

Location: Matapouri is about 7 km (4 mi) north of Tutukaka on Matapouri Road. Signposted off Matapouri Road at the roadside car park.

Jason Milich on Flickr© Jason Milich on Flickr

5. Do the Matapouri Bay to Whale Bay Walkway

This 45-minute Matapouri Bay to Whale Bay loop walk takes you from one glorious beach to another. Start from either Ringer Avenue or the northern end of Matapouri Bay and enjoy this well-marked walk through native bush and to various viewpoints to Woolley’s Bay and beyond. There are side tracks to Whale Bay which is a must-do! The track loops back to where you started.

Location: Matapouri is about 7 km (4 mi) north of Tutukaka on Matapouri Road. Start from either Ringer Avenue or the northern end of Matapouri Bay off Morrison Road.

Pxhere© Pxhere

6. Do the Tane Moana Walkway

See the largest kauri tree on the east coast, Tane Moana. The kauri measures 11 m (36 ft) in circumference and is an incredible sight! The track takes approximately 4 hours to return from the end of Clements Road or 40 minutes one way to Tane Moana from Waiotoi Road. From Clements Road, the Tane Moana Walkway starts following a wide track across farmland into native forest where the path narrows taking you through gulleys and streams to cross. After seeing Tane Moana, we recommend returning the same way.

Location: End of Clements Road just outside of Matapouri. Matapouri is about 7 km (4 mi) north of Tutukaka on Matapouri Road. The shorter walk to Tane Moana starts from Waiotoi Road, Ngunguru, approximately 6 km (3.7 mi) east of Tutukaka.

Steve Shattuck on Flickr© Steve Shattuck on Flickr

7. Surf or Horse Ride at Sandy Bay

If you’re looking for some awesome surf spots during your Northland road trip then don’t miss Sandy Bay! Sandy Bay is one of the most popular east coast surf beaches in the Northland region. Plus, the beach is popular with families and is a great little picnic spot. Surfboards can be hired from Tutukaka Surf in Tutukaka. Horse treks are also available at Sandy Bay with Sandy Bay Glamping & Horse Tours.

Location: 10.5 km (6.5 mi) north of Tutukaka along Matapouri Road.

10 Best Things to Do in Tutukaka© David Kirkland - Northland Inc

8. Visit Whananaki

Get well and truly off the beaten track by visiting the remote coastal village of Whananaki. Check out the pristine estuary, sandspit and classic Kiwi baches dotted along the coastline. The village’s claim to fame is the 395 m (1,296 ft) footbridge crossing the estuary making it the longest footbridge in the Southern Hemisphere! While there are campgrounds and picnic areas to enjoy, don’t miss the Whananaki Coastal Walkway (2 hours one way) providing some stunning coastal views.

Location: 43 km (27 mi) drive north of Tutukaka. Take the Matapouri Road until it reaches Marua Road. Turn left then right onto Jubilee Road until it meets the Whananaki North Road. Turn right and follow the road all the way to the coast.

10 Best Things to Do in Tutukaka© Unsplash

9. Walk and Camp at the Mimiwhangata Coastal Park

The Mimiwhangata Coastal Park is a hidden piece of paradise you’re going to be glad you discovered. The varied landscape is a mix of a working farm with livestock, sand dunes home to incredibly rare special of brown teal/pateke, and wetlands and bush areas. The waters off the shore are also a protected marine park. Make use of the campground and walking trails in the area for an evening in secluded paradise!

Location: 49 km (30 mi) drive from Tutukaka. From Opuawhanga, take the Kaiikanu Road then turn off onto the Mimiwhangata Road.

Julien Carnot on Flickr© Julien Carnot on Flickr

10. Explore the Whangaruru Harbour

At the northern end of the Tutukaka Coast, the Whangaroa Harbour has several small communities in an otherwise relatively untouched coastal area. Popular places to visit are Oakura Bay with its beautiful beach and accommodation available, and Bland Bay on the northern shores of the harbour. For more beaches worth discovering, check out 20 Stunning Beaches in New Zealand.

Location: 70 km (43 mi) drive from Tutukaka. Take State Highway 1 north, turn onto Russell Road and continue alongside the Whangaruru Harbour.

Gadfium on Wikipedia© Gadfium on Wikipedia

More Things to Do Near Tutukaka

That’s it for the best things to do in Tutukaka. You might also be interested in the activities nearby:

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