10 Romantic Activities in Kaikoura for Couples
10 Romantic Activities in Kaikoura for Couples

10 Romantic Activities in Kaikoura for Couples

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Things to Do in Kaikoura for Couples

At first glance, the fishy town of Kaikoura might not scream romance. But with breathtaking wildlife encounters, majestic mountains-to-sea scenery and a wealth of activities perfect for couples, you can’t go too wrong for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon stopping in Kaikoura. Learn new hobbies together like surfing, discover your next favourite seafood dish for date night, and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences like flying over diving whales. We’ll go through all our top recommendations when it comes to spending time in Kaikoura with this list of the romantic activities in Kaikoura for couples.

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1. Walk Hand-in-hand Along the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway

Stretching your legs is a fun and free thing to do together, especially when there are seals involved! The 11km (7-mile) Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway encompasses dramatic coastal scenery matched with lookouts over seal colonies. Seals even make their way onto the track, which is exciting to see but be sure to keep your distance to not disturb these beautiful creatures. Find out more about the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway, as well as a few other popular walks in the 5 Best Walks in Kaikoura.

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2. Enjoy an Intimate Whale-watching Flight

You probably know that whale watching, dolphin swimming and seal swimming are a must-do in Kaikoura, but we find that whale-watching flight is just a little more romantic. Join a whale-watching flight with Wings Over Whales (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor) or Air Kaikoura (on Viator and Tripadvisor), for a small-group tour and a more intimate experience. Soar over whales where you can see the majestic mammals from head-to-tail before they take their impressive dive into the deep. Alternatively, enjoy the manoeuvrability and “action hero” feeling of flying over the whales by helicopter with South Pacific Helicopters (on Viator and Tripadvisor). All of the flights mentioned above will also take the time to watch pods of dolphins from the sky if the opportunity arises. See more experiences like this in our 5 Top Wildlife Activities in Kaikoura.

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3. Walk and Have a Picnic at the Puhi Puhi Reserve

Another place in Kaikoura for a romantic stroll is this easy-going walk through lush native forest. Start off your visit to the Puhi Puhi Reserve with walking the Puhi Puhi Reserve Track, which features lowland coastal forest where many of the trees are up to 1,000 years old! There is also a picnic area at the start of the walk, ideal for a romantic picnic. Again, more information can be found in the 5 Best Walks in Kaikoura.

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4. Learn Something New Together at the Kaikoura Museum

Ah museums, you can always rely on them when the weather isn’t playing ball. The Kaikoura Museum is well worth checking out thanks to its fascinating displays about Kaikoura’s wildlife, Maori culture, fishing and whaling history, as well as an exhibition about the 2016 earthquakes that shaped the landscape we see today. Find the museum in the iconic “Craypot” building opposite the i-SITE.

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5. Gush Over the Cute Lambs at The Point Sheep Shearing

What’s not to love about New Zealand’s most iconic farm animal?! At Point Sheep Shearing, meet the farm’s Drysdale Ram who will eat out of the palm of your hand and check out a sheep shearing demonstration where the farmer will go into detail about the techniques and tools used. Between August and January, you’ll also get the opportunity to hold and feed one of the adorable pet lambs – too cute!

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6. Learn a New Skill with Surf Lessons

Learning a new skill together is a great way to strengthen your bond. A favourite Kiwi past time and something especially awesome to do in Kaikoura, surfing gets you out on the water in an alternative way, experience the thrill of riding waves. Learn to surf with surf schools like Kiwi Surf Experience or Board Silly who will teach you the basics, from board control to wave selection. If you’re an experienced surfer, learn more about the Kaikoura surf breaks in the 7 Places to Surf in the South Island.

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7. Test Your Relationship in a Double Kayak

Try your chances at a super-close wildlife encounter, while enjoying the interesting coastal scenery, with one of Kaikoura’s kayaking tours. Choose to either peddle or paddle with Seal Kayak Kaikoura or jump into a double kayak with Kaikoura Kayaks. Either way, your teamwork will be put to the test manoeuvring together across the ocean. See experiences like this in the 5 Top Wildlife Activities in Kaikoura.

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8. Team Up to Solve an Escape Room

Challenge yourselves to escape a puzzling room within one hour at The Emporium’s escape rooms. The escape room complex, which also has an on-site brewery, offers two themed escape rooms where couples or groups work together to solve a series of brain-teasers and clues to escape! After the experience, celebrate the success or drown your sorrows with a craft beer made at the brewery. If that wasn’t enough, there is an 18-hole mini-golf course on the complex too.

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9. Watch One of the World’s Most Romantic Birds on an Albatross Cruise

No wildlife in Kaikoura is quite as romantic as the albatross. These large seabirds mate for life and go to extreme length to return to each other every year, which you can learn more about on the Albatross Encounter tour. This bird-watching cruise takes you out to the edge of the Kaikoura Canyon, a deep underwater canyon harbouring nutrients that attracts all the famous local wildlife, where your skipper and guide will attract large pelagic birds for you to see right before your eyes. Trust us, nothing compares to seeing these majestic seabirds up-close.

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10. Sample Crayfish Together

While you won’t find the most lavish fine dining experiences in Kaikoura, you will, however, find some of the most intriguing seafood on offer in New Zealand. Kaikoura is named after the famed “crayfish” in the Maori language, so it would almost be a crime not to try some during your visit. Try it at the Nin’s Bin food truck, located 20 minutes north of Kaikoura on State Highway 1. Otherwise, dine at the casual Kaikoura Seafood BBQ on Fyffe Quay. The Green Dolphin Restaurant & Bar on Avoca Street serves up delicious crayfish, as well as other Kiwi favourites, such as paua, local lamb and aged Canterbury rib-eye steak.

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