10 Reasons to Stop in Hokianga

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Don’t miss some awesome things to do in Hokianga!

Sea, sand and beautifully formed rocks surround Hokianga, a small harbour areathat is often overlooked by backpackers rushing to reach Cape Reinga at the top of New Zealand. But Hokianga and its many tiny towns have lots to offer, which are definitely worth a pit stop at the least! You’ll find there are heaps of things to do in Hokianga.From huge Kauri forests to golden sand dunes over the harbour, the landscape in the area changes from one extreme to another within a very short drive exploring it is a blast! The harbour is much more than a dot on the map. This top list showsexactly why you should stop by!

1. Delve into a rock pool

At the end of the Waimamaku Beach Road near South Head, you will often find many rock pools leftover from an agitated ocean. On a nice day, they’re pretty appealing for a dip! Find the pools along the Arai Te Uru Coastal Walkway.

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2. Walk & Tramp!

We love the Mitimiti to North Head track, which is a long walk on the shore passing over massive sand dunes andtothe North Head Forest Reserve. Check out the Waiotemarama Loop Track, and not forgetting the Waipoua Forest for huge kauri! There is much more than one walk in the Hokianga area so tie upyour boots and start walking!

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3. Jump on a boulder!

Yes, Hokianga has boulders too! Smaller and less numerous than the South Island Moeraki ones, the Koutu Boulders are easy to access from McDonnell Road provided that you know how to use a GPS!

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4. Board a fishing boat and go catch dinner

Like most harbours in New Zealand, Hokianga has many charters catering to the casual fisherman. You’ll get a tour, all the equipment, and a fresh dinner at a very reasonable price. Learn more about Fishing in New Zealand.

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5. Immerse yourself in Maori history

Like if time stood still, the whole area remains bathed in Maori culture and visitors are more than welcome to join in. A marae even opens its door to curious travellers in search of an authentic cultural experience.

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6. Sandboard in the dunes

Only a short boat ride from Opononi, the North Head Sand dunes are a huge playground for anyone with a bodyboard. The ferry from Opononi provides boards with the ride across the water.

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7. Hug New Zealand’s biggest trees

The Waipoua Kauri Forest walk is a perfect insight of New Zealand’s wilderness, showcasing the country’s two biggest trees. Long before man set foot here, those trees were standing tall all over Northland andnature was in control. See these giants by night on a cultural tour with Footprints Waipoua.

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8. Spot a Dolphin pod or even some Orcas

The sea life in the area is extremely active, so it is not rare to spot dolphins or orcas fromthe shore. A particularly good spot for this is the South Head along the short Arai Te Uru Heritage walk. Find out more about where to see dolphins in 5 Best Places to Swim with Dolphins in New Zealand.

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9. Explore the mangroves

Who doesn’t love a good mangrove boardwalk? Safe above the mud and water, explore one of the most typical vegetation in Northland on the Rawene Mangrove walk.

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10.Take a horse trek alongbeach and bush!

The area has popular horse trekking spots with easy tracks along the beach and more challenging ones through the bushland. For more awesome horse rides, see 11 Awesome Horse Treks in New Zealand.

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