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10 Powerful Tools to Find a Job in New Zealand Fast

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Tips for Finding a Job Fast

Job searching is daunting enough in your own country, let alone in a foreign country! Sure enough, New Zealand probably does things a little differently in the job market to what you might have experienced before. But with the right tools, you’ll find a job in New Zealand fast!

Putting some thought into your New Zealand job search means that you’re well on your way to finding a job quickly so you can spend more time earning for your next adventure. This list of powerful tools to find a job in New Zealand will give you some tips on your CV, interview techniques and even a few handy websites that you’ll definitely want to know about.

For more tips, head on over to our How to Quickly Find a Job in New Zealand.

1. A New Zealand CV

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a document to show your previous experience, qualifications, skills and references, otherwise known as a resume. Employers in New Zealand will almost always ask to see your CV when recruiting, so one of the most powerful tools to get prepared for your job search is to create a CV specifically for New Zealand. Don’t assume the CV or resume you used back in your home country will have the same effect in New Zealand – do some research into what makes a good New Zealand CV. A great place to start is with our guide to How to Create a New Zealand CV.

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2. Using Multiple Job Searching Methods

This is not a tool but it’s a good idea to have your eggs in multiple baskets. Job listing websites, newspaper advertisements, job boards in hostels, recruitment agencies, straight-up asking for a job… The New Zealand job market is scattered in multiple ways to increase your chances of finding a job by using multiple job search tools, instead of just hiding behind your computer.

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3. A New Zealand Recruitment Agency

Free to join and offering some added support during your New Zealand job search, recruitment agencies are a must in your job search toolkit! Recruitment agencies find work to suit the job-seekers needs. What’s more, there are thousands of employers in New Zealand that are recruiting through recruitment agencies rather than advertising roles anywhere else to find staff as quickly as possible. For you, that means getting a job super quickly!

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4. Interview Skills

Unlike many other countries, New Zealand employers not only interview potential employees to find out what skills they can bring to the role, but they also want to know how you will fit in with their company. In New Zealand, there is a huge focus on work/life balance. Therefore, employers want someone who is a fun part of the team, as well as an efficient worker. Your interview should reflect a fine balance between your skills and your personality with a back and forth conversation. Practice these interview skills with the tips we give in How to Nail a Job Interview in New Zealand.

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5. Prepare for Your Job Search Before Arriving in New Zealand

Let’s be honest, you’d rather be exploring than spending all your time job hunting while you’re in New Zealand. There are a few things you can be doing even before boarding the plane. First up, do some research on finding a job in New Zealand (you’re in the right place with our 100+ articles on working in New Zealand). You can also write that New Zealand CV we mentioned before. You can even contact some recruitment agencies that will put you through the job search process before you’re in New Zealand.

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6. Approach Employers Face-to-face

Never underestimate the power of face-to-face in New Zealand. New Zealand is a “people first” kind of place so making your first impression face to face is usually the best approach. Not only does this show pro-activeness that often really impresses employers, but you might even snatch up a job that’s not been advertised yet. Employers love an excuse to not go through the recruitment process, so make it easy for them!

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7. An Open Mind

It sounds cheesy, but one of the most powerful tools to find a New Zealand job fast is to have an open mind. Finding the perfect job that’s going to enhance your university degree while not making you work too many hours – yadda yadda – is not going to help you find a job fast. Throw those unreasonable criteria out of the window and start afresh with a broad search. After all, a gap year in New Zealand is all about new experiences!

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8. Be On the Move

Don’t be afraid to travel to find jobs! If finding a job in one town or city isn’t working for you, try somewhere else. Additionally, if you see work opportunities in other regions, go get them! After all, being in New Zealand is all about exploring so make it part of your job search too.

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9. Dress for the Job

When doing a face-to-face job search or doing job interviews, dress appropriately for the work you are applying for. The suit and tie combo might be the go-to interview attire for other countries, but not in New Zealand. Think about what sort of clothing you would wear when doing the job? Employers will appreciate the fact that you are trying to fit in, rather than bringing your country’s ways to the workplace.

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10. All Your Employment Documents

So you can get to work as soon as possible, make sure you have all the documents needed to be employed in New Zealand. This means a valid work visa, IRD number, a New Zealand bank account and a New Zealand CV (see above). When you attend an interview, take evidence of these documents with you, like your passport with your visa inside and copies of your IRD and bank account number. We know it’s the boring part, but it’s the boring part for your employer too so score some brownie points in the interview by already thinking ahead and making the employer’s job easier for them.

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