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10 Funny Place Names in New Zealand

10 Funny Place Names in New Zealand

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Funniest Place Names in New Zealand

Maoris and Europeans alike have clearly had a whale of a time naming some of the towns, rivers and ski fields in New Zealand. While some place names are just hilariously long, others can be interpreted as pretty funny from an English-speaking perspective. Likewise, the meaning of some of the Maori names is interesting, to say the least. Don’t you wish you came from a place called “Burnt Penis”? Anyway, here are some of the funny place names in New Zealand!

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A note before we begin: This article is meant to be taken in jest, it is not intended to insult any cultures or places, it is simply meant in the spirit of having a bit of fun with the little things. Please, do not take it too seriously, it’s just a little fun.

1. Whakapapa

Whakapapa is a village and ski field on the slopes of Mt Ruapehu. As ‘Wh’ is pronounced ‘f’ in Maori, when this word is pronounced to an English-speaker, the ski field seems to be implying sexual acts with one’s parent. Rest assured, in the Maori language, te reo Maori, Whakapapa means genealogy.

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2. Whakahoro

On the subject of whaking, this is slightly more acceptable, as it goes with the job description. Whakahoro is on the edge of the stunning Whanganui National Park.

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3. Taumatawhakatangihangakoa uauotamateaturipukakapikimanga horonukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu

At 85 letters long, this is the longest place name in the world! See the sign for yourself at Porangahau in Hawke’s Bay. What about using it as your new email password?

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3. Hump Ridge Track

More sexual connotations… This time in plain old English.

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4. Hooker Valley

No, this is not a valley of hookers. It is, however, an awesome walk to do in Aoraki Mt Cook National Park.

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5. Waipu

Why poo? We don’t know, but Waipu is actually a beautiful beach settlement in Northland not too far to some of the best free glowworm caves in New Zealand.

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6. Tutaekuri River

This Maori word translated into English means ‘dog s**t’.

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7. Mount Tarawera

While some translate “Tarawera” to “Burnt Spear”, others translate to “Burning Vagina” according to our tour guides…

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8. Te Urewera

Te Urewera translates to ‘single genitals’ or ‘burnt penis’ after a Maori tale of a chief who rolled too close to a fire while he was sleeping.

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9. Shag Point

You know where to go… It just makes for a silly picture opportunity.

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10. Cape Foulwind

We like to believe someone let rip as they were naming it. Locals like to believe it’s because this cape receives the winds from Australia. The real story is, the English explorer, Captain Cook, named the cape after experiencing strong winds off its shores.

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