9 Fun Gifts to Bring Back from New Zealand


New Zealand Gifts That are Too Funny to Ignore

Maybe this list should be renamed 10 Tacky Gifts… But we all know at least one person who would appreciate some New Zealand memorabilia or Kiwiana as it is known here. Bring home a slice of New Zealand with these ridiculously funny New Zealand gifts!

In a large city or even a town, you’ll find a souvenir shop around every corner selling funny New Zealand goodies. Make your wishlist from this insightful list below!

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1. Sheep Droppings

Whether they are real or chocolate, either type of sheep droppings will no doubt have the same effect on your family if all you bring back is some sheep droppings…

© House of Chocolate

2. A Witty Kiwiana T-shirt

Who doesn’t like being brought home a T-shirt of some country they have never been to? Make the gift twice as special by having a witty comment the gift receiver probably doesn’t understand.

© Global Culture

3. New Zealand Lingo Magnetic Poetry

Now your friends and family can enjoy excessive Kiwi lingo by making their own poetry from it. Sweet as, bro!

© Not Socks

4. Kiwi Tomato Sauce Bottle

It’s a tomato ketchup bottle shaped like a tomato! Genius! A classic New Zealand item that you can’t help but love!

© Not Socks

5. Balancing Kiwis

You need something to do with kiwi birds, right? This will entertain thegift receiver for at least one minute.

© Tarata

6. Possum Nipple Warmers

Perfect for people who have nipples.

© Big Commerce

7. Possum Willy Warmer

For those cold winters.

© Silver Fern NZ

8. Possum G-string

They’ve really thought of everything.©

9. A Bottle of L&P

Maybe you spent all your money on your travels and all you can afford is New Zealand’s very own L&P? Find out more awesome New Zealand food products at the 10 Foods You Have to Try in New Zealand and 16 Products of New Zealand.

Kristoferb© Kristoferb

On an Ever So Slightly More Serious Note…

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