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10 Businesses That are Putting New Zealand on the Map

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Businesses from New Zealand

What? THAT comes from New Zealand? There is this on-going joke about how no one has ever heard of New Zealand. Ok, so it is the newest populated country, so it has had a lot of catching up to do. However, New Zealand is becoming increasingly famous for its companies. And, of course, the sheer fact that it is Middle Earth. So which businesses are from New Zealand? Check them out below!

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1. Weta Studios

Yes, the digital studios that are behind some major blockbusters such as The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Tintin, Avatar, King Kong, The Avengers, and so much more, are based right here in New Zealand. They operate in Wellington, the capital city, and you can even visit the studios for a behind-the-scenes tour. We think it’s one of the best 11 Things to Do in Wellington on a Rainy Day.

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2. Air New Zealand

Increasingly seen more and more in airports all over the world, Air New Zealand is New Zealand’s home-grown airline. They are also famous for their fancy planes, Hobbit-themed planes, and hilarious safety videos! Check some of them out in the 9 Best Air New Zealand Safety Videos.

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3. AJ Hackett

The first commercial bungy jumping company started right here in New Zealand! Now AJ Hackett operates bungy sites all over the world! However, you can still experience a classic bungy jump in Queenstown at the first commercial bungy site, the Kawarau River. (As well as all these other places across New Zealand).

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4. Auckland University

This world-leading university attracts many international students! Auckland University is the highest rated New Zealand university in the Times Higher Education Working University Rankings. The university’s most famous contribution to world research is the discovery of fighting antibacterial resistance by the team of Dr Siouxsie Wiles who used the genes of glowworms in microbes so they were able to identify when they are killed when their light goes out.

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5. Fonterra

New Zealand is the world’s largest dairy exporter. Plus, the dairy industry is the largest industry in New Zealand. Fonterra is one of those companies supplying NZ dairy products to the world!

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6. GoPro

Wait? What?! Not from New Zealand, but GoPro certainly puts NZ on the map for featuring the country in their adventurous videos.

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7. The Hobbiton Movie Set

People see pictures of this iconic landmark and instantly know it is New Zealand. The Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata has become the go-to place for even non-Lord of the Rings nerds just to get a photo with a Hobbit Hole! For more awesome places to experience Middle-earth in New Zealand, check out these 23 Lord of the Rings Locations You Can’t Miss in New Zealand.

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8. Ninja Kiwi

Creator of the Balloon Tower Defense series, Ninja Kiwi is one of the world’s most popular TD game developers.

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9. Icebreaker

Bringing merino wool clothing to outdoor-lovers all over the world, Icebreaker is the New Zealand clothing company specialising in merino wool.

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10. All Blacks

More than a rugby team, the All Blacks are a big business with licensed products sold in almost every country. At heart, it is also a promotion of New Zealand’s awesome Maori heritage.

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