10 Things We Love About Akaroa

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Things to do in Akaroa!

Dolphins, seals, penguins, big hikes, small hikes and, errr, French stuff: there’s plenty of things to do in the town of Akaroa.Situated on the Banks Peninsula, a mere 1h20min drive from the South Island’s largest city of Christchurch, Akaroa is a marine life hub with a French flair.Intrigued yet? With backpacker hostels and backcountry huts, you have no excuse to not stay on the Banks Peninsula for a while. It could be the ideal weekend escape if working in the city of Christchurch when on a working holiday visa, or just one more awesome New Zealand destination to add to your bucket list. So take a look at the list below to see what we love about Akaroa.Don’t forget to check out more about Akaroa and Christchurch in our backpacker guides.

1. It’s New Zealand’s sole french settlement

Take the Akaroa Village Walks to explore New Zealand’s first and only French settlement. The small village breathes French culture, from shops to cuisineto architecture. In the short time the French settlers stayed herethey created an unmistakable piece of France on the other side of the world. Read more about the walks in our Akaroa Guide.

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2. There’s a French Festival

Keeping with the French theme, the city likes to embrace its heritage and promotes it once a year during the Akaroa French Festival. Every October, locals and tourists alike dive into a caricature of the French culture. “Fromage” and “vin” are served everywhere in a fun celebration of the town’s 19th-century history.

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3. You can swim with Hector’s Dolphins

The world’s rarest and smallest dolphin swims in the waters of the Banks Peninsula. There are many options for you to get on the water and get a close glimpse of this endangered species. When weather permits and outside of the breeding season, you will even have a chance to jump in the water with Black Cat Cruises and interact with the playful dolphins.

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4. See a Seal colony

Yes we know, we are mentioning seals for about the hundredthtime on this website, but to hell with it!New Zealand fur seals are as playful as it gets and it is a treat to spend a few hours watching them behave in their natural habitat. Akaroa’s colony is no exception.

Location: The seal colony can be accessed over private farmland with a seal colony tour or with wildlife cruises, like Akaroa Sailing Cruises, from the Akaroa wharf.

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5. Hike the Summit Walkway (2-3 days one way)

The stunning ridgeline walk is tough but well worth it. Feast your eyes on the views capturing the whole peninsula, the ocean and as far as the Southern Alps. The multi-day hike has a number of huts along the way which should be booked in advance. Be aware of seasonal restrictions where the track is closed 8 August 15 October each year for lambing.

Location:You can park your car either at Hilltop or Gebbies Pass. Akaroa shuttle buses can be booked to take you to Hilltop.

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6. Kayak or SUP in the Akaroa Harbour

Well sheltered, the Akaroa Harbour is placid and quiet most of the time. It makes it a great place for those who would like to get closer to wildlife by sea kayak or SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard). Stealth your way to the native birds, penguins and dolphins without endangering them. Wake up early as full-day hires are always a better deal that a stiff hourly rate. Alternatively, jump on a guided kayaking tour to get to the best wildlife spots.

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7. Explore the Hinewai Reserve

With over 12km of tracks, the reserve has a lot to offer to hikers. The main attraction of the volcanic reserve is the Stony Bay Peak, rising above the peninsula at 806m high. Also know as Taraterehu, the peak offers 360-degree views of the peninsula and a great outlook of the small French settlement below.

Location:Read more about the walks at the reserve in our Akaroa Guide.

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8. So many Marine birds!

Like many harbours in New Zealand, Akaroa is home to fishermen and marine birds competing for the plentiful fishshoals metres below the surface. Seagulls, albatross and moreare common sights when walking on the shore or cruising in the harbour. Get your camera ready: they are moving fast!

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9. See the rare White-flippered Penguin Colony

The largest mainland white-flippered penguin colony is situated in the Akaroa Harbour. This alone should make it a great reason to make your way to the settlement. But the white-flippered penguins are not alone in the Bank Peninsula. The ever-so-cute little blue penguins can be found in the area too, fishing at sea during the day and resting ashore when the sun sets.

Location: Besides luckily seeing the penguins, you must take a tour to visit their highly sensitive conservation area.

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10. Take on the Misty Peaks hike

The Misty Peak Reserve covers over 500 hectares and hides the Newton’s Waterfall that features on most pictures of the area. The easy 30-minute walk is convenient to reach from the town’s centre and is a great way to spend an afternoon away from the crowds.

Location: Access the walk viaAylmers Valley Rd to Misty Parks Reserve car park (30-45 minutes if walking).

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